Are You Ready To Put The LOVE Back Into Your Love-Life?
Whether you are seeking MORE LOVE in your life;

*To boost your self-worth and have a deeply loving relationship with YOU!
*Learn how to attract and date the right lover & relationship for you with more ease using The Law Of Attraction!
*Improve & elevate your current relationship to more joy, fun, intimacy and far better communication!
*Or you desire to have a stronger connection to The Universe, Big LOVE, spirituality and your intuition...


This book is packed full of 44 years of personal experience, wisdom and inspiring stories, with 20+ years of professional client experience, plus inspired techniques and tools to lead you into a richer and deeper relationship with LOVE.  

5* REVIEW: Wonderfully written. Jo Warwick instantly takes you on a journey into LOVE and her style is so warm and personable... Full of wonderful insight I’ve found this easy to read, thought provoking and full of relevant guidance. I don’t often write reviews but I LOVE this book and would absolutely recommend it to others."
 This Is Not Just A Book!
A BIG LOVE & Relationship Manual 
Hi, I'm Jo Warwick - I am an expert in LOVE! 

Love psychologist, Relationship Therapist, LOVE Energy Healer and Author, you can find me living by the sea in Cornwall in the UK.

For over 20 years in and out of the therapy room I've helped thousands of women (and men) around the world transform their relationship with LOVE! 

1) Loving Themselves by helping them become secure, confident, and at peace in their skin, by accepting unconditional *LOVE and being EMPOWERED!

3) Loving Themselves by letting go of the past beliefs, emotions, experiences and realign with LOVE!

4) Dating with LOVE by changing how they see both the opposite sex, their own sex and relationships to manifest healthier LOVE based relationships.

5) Dating with LOVE by releasing their untapped power to be naturally super-desirable *LOVE magnets of worthy and suitable long-term lovers and life partners!

6) Loving Relationships by learning how to taking back their power & equality in intimate relationships!

7) Loving Relationships by having the RIGHT *LOVE tools and focusing where *LOVE is, instead of locked in patterns where LOVE isn't!

 => 5* Review "Really beautiful book with excellent practical guidance to enable you to love with an open heart. A book I will return to time and time again. A must for all!"
Here's Why Your Probably Struggling In Your Love-Life...
Firstly lets be clear there's nothing wrong with you! You're ABSOLUTELY WORTHY of the LOVE and relationship you desire now -- but do you really believe me? Probably not! 

It's not your fault, but most women are [unconsciously] holding some flawed, hindering and outdated beliefs and negative emotions in their bodies about relationships, men, women, masculine and feminine energies and especially about LOVE! 

These block the flow of them having the fullness of *LOVE in their LOVE-LIFE ( no matter what their sexual preference), so instead it's all such a struggle, dramatic or even non-existent!

Limiting beliefs and past emotional wounding which leave us confused, frustrated and feeling powerless about LOVE and in relationships, that are sadly perpetuated by most dating gurus, movies and even some friends and family!

Limiting Beliefs such as;
  • ​Being myself is not good enough for Love
  • ​LOVE is a power game!
  • ​LOVE is some tricky MYSTERY, a risk that brings heartbreak as well as joy!
  • Men & Women are not only different, but from a different planet!
  • Dating and relationships are difficult, challenging and must be anxiety inducing to give them meaning! 
  • ​If we just WAIT long enough it will all be magically cured & perfect when we find the RIGHT one!
But Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!!!
Let Me Share My Story With You...
I Always Wished I'd Had A Manual On LOVE...
It's funny when I was younger I used to joke with my girlfriends that I wish I had a manual on the secrets of LOVE and authentic intimate relationships that made sense to me -- I would never have expected that my life would lead me to write one... but it did! 

Firstly I was born with wonderful spiritual gifts and powerful energy healing abilities which for a time I turned my back on and choose to take a more traditional ( ie: acceptable, so not to be considered weird) route. 

I spent a lot of time, money and energy trying to get over abuse in my past and driven to figure out what a healthy relationship should look and feel like. Plus to put lots of letters behind my name as a professional therapist as validation. 

I worked hard to became a specialist in attachment/love/relationships/human development and worked with families, children, individuals and couples. I was great at helping them improve their self worth and relationships yet still with the old methods of lots of analysis, time and effort. 

No matter how hard I tried my own personal life just wouldn't improve! 

Not only was I still attracting men with the same M.O. - distant, cold, critical and unavailable, but I was stuck in repeating unhealthy patterns, drained by the relationships and feeling frustrated and such a failure...

Then one day, I met a man who seemed so right, so kind and so funny, who without warning became so very wrong and I was knocked on my knees!

Everything I'd spent years collating about healthy relationships and the masculine so I could feel safe, seemed worthless! 

I was confused, hurt and had completely lost my sense of self. I was back feeling like a victim again; powerless,  vulnerable and confused.


As I gave up and surrendered to my pain I found clarity and rediscovered the MISSING ESSENTIAL COMPONENT to my relationship success!


Turning towards what really makes successful relationships happen AND can cause them to flow with ease or be hard work and fail: The Energy of LOVE!

I was to become my BEST CLIENT as I got out of my head and and back into my body and reclaimed my spiritual gifts and LOVE energy healing abilities for myself. 

integrated what I innately knew, with what I had learned and researched and discovered a much simpler, faster and more joyful path to LOVE, attraction and successful intimate relationships. 

I transformed as I went from being locked in a pattern of anxiety, lack of self worth and abuse  -- to self-appreciation, joy, radiance, attraction and confidence all by shifting my relationship with LOVE!


Once I saw the deep transformations for myself in my own life I began perfecting my mind/body & energy *BIG LOVE and relationship tools and techniques! 

As I shared them with my clients and they started getting much more POWERFUL and lasting RESULTS. 

It was then I was drawn to focus solely on empowering women who were ready to put the past relationship mistakes and hindering love beliefs behind them, and were open to learning how to take charge of their love life with LOVE!

I believed and still do that women are Goddesses of LOVE with untapped magic within! 

Having spent years in therapy myself and believing in it I was ASTOUNDED by how quickly they fell deeply into LOVE with themselves completely and unconditionally. 

Then how FAST RESULTS manifested into their love-lives once they embodied the power of LOVE as their fuel and foundation - life just reflected back their new energy and beliefs. 

It changed everything I had believed in as I returned home to LOVE. 
So I Wrote A LOVE & Healthy Relationship Manual
By 2016 I was inspired to put all that I'd discovered (over my 40 years) into one SIMPLE book: "The Big Book Of Love; Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships", which has transformed the lives of women around the world who are just like you! 

Now four years later and building on it's success I've published the 2020 2nd Edition, which is BIGGER, BETTER, FULLER and JUICIER and stuffed with BRAND NEW CONTENT! 

 => 5* REVIEW:
"This book is perfect for anyone wishing to delve into love - pursue their power through loving themselves and reflect that back into the world and have intimate loving relationships. Jo Warwick has superb insight and reading her book is like having a conversation with her. Be prepared to be inspired!"

 You Too Can Put THE LOVE Back Into Your Love-Life!

It doesn't matter who you are, how you feel or how things seem at this moment...

Over the years the resounding words I've heard back from those I've helped is just how amazing it feels to finally Love themselves! 

As my clients reconnect to ALLOWING LOVE they embrace their own VALUE and begin to feel PROUD OF WHO THEY ARE and what they have to offer. They're able to forgive, let go of the past and allow others off the hook, as they become the most secure, relaxed, confident, authentic version of themselves.

 => Like Mowenna  "Jo taught me about balance and negotiation within attracting and having a healthy relationship. About being happy within myself. Now that I nurture and care for myself first I see this reflected in my partner. What were problems and anxiety before are now new experiences and excitement for the future"

They're always amazed by how super desirable they become to opportunities, offerings of love and recognition from family, friends, colleagues, partners or potential lovers.

 => Like Karen who got asked out 5X by different men in one week whilst she went to the coffee shop every morning before work! She'd become not only a radiant magnet but was open to receive the attention and abundant results! 

No longer restricted by the WHO the lover must be, and HOW it unfolds, each client is ready to welcome a relationship that reflects their authentic self-worth and connection to LOVE. 

So with little effort, they attract an adoring partner who is just so right for them. Sometimes it's a close friend they never considered before. For others with the pressure taken off the relationship they are already in, it allows it to evolve to a whole new level, that matches their fresh eyes & perspective of LOVE. 

No matter who it is with, it's a deeply intimate relationship that is rich with emotional, spiritual and physical connection, trust, freedom, passion and above all, fun!

They get so excited is when they begin to feel more trusting and open. Then as they see physical hard evidence of their new rich self-worth and new LOVE connection reflected by the people around them, it just builds more trust in themselves, in LOVE and their future.

When we allow LOVE to get BIG, life flows and unfolds with more ease, more joy, more fun and far less worry! The Universe reflects that fresh upgraded, buoyant, rich vibration with tangible exciting results. When you receive more, have more, you are MORE and naturally want to share more.

So my clients are always delighted that it feels easy to share their LOVE, joy and compassion authentically again without neediness or expectation, knowing that they will always receive more than they give! 

...and much, MUCH more!

 The Big Book of Love 
[2020 2nd edition]
 SPECIAL 2020 2nd Edition*
Loving Yourself, Dating With Love Loving Relationships

THE BIG BOOK OF LOVE holds the secret to LOVE and healthy relationships. Guiding you through loving yourself, attracting & authentic dating with LOVE, as the foundation, and how to have a lasting loving partnership!

Shifting hindering beliefs on LOVE and relationships. Giving you clear tools and techniques to connect with LOVE daily for self-love and feel secure in yourself and trust in LOVE, and make practical love-based decisions for your greatest happiness! 

*The 2016 first edition (still available from Amazon in print & kindle) has helped hundreds of women like you transform their relationship with LOVE!

 => This special electronic 2020 2nd edition is bigger, fuller and juicier! With brand new content it goes further and deeper into; 

* Sex ( for LOVE of self, in dating and relationships)
* Masculine & Feminine Energies ( and the blueprints we all have) and how they effect our Relationship with ourself, attracting lovers and with partners.
* Owning Self Worth
* How to harness the power of LOVE for you and the life you desire!
ELECTRONIC MEANS INSTANT ACCESS FROM THE MEMBERS SITE: No Postage costs. Instead you can instantly read or download on to most devices.(*Due to Covid Virus it's not possible to print hard copies currently, so Im giving a discount price instead)
FREE BONUS "I Am LOVE" Energy Empowerment Daily Audio
Included in your order is a special "I AM LOVE" Energy Empowerment Audio BONUS created especially to accompany The Big Book Of Love , so you can use it every day to help you get the most *LOVE out of your experience and see more powerful results!  
See What Others Have To Say!


"This truly is a life-changing book and one of the best I've ever read.I feel like a different person after reading Jo’s masterpiece, someone who is more open to love and more accepting of myself and others.This is a must-read!"  


"Jo helped me realize that I didn’t have to work so hard at dating. I simply had to make sure I was fully being myself with all my passions, likes/dislikes, love, and creativity. The experience of being my strongest, fullest, quirkiest self and feeling even MORE desirable was an incredible feeling!” 


"Jo showed me that love really is patient, kind and unconditional. Firstly, teaching me how to love myself this way and that I deserve it and never settle for less. Secondly how to attract it into my life have that LOVE reflected. I have met a man who accepts me for who I am - flaws and all” 
This Big Book Of Love Edition is only
available At this very special Price for A limited time*
 jo why should I buy a Copy today?
Hey Gorgeous Woman!

You've been drawn here by your heart and The Universe - So trust it!

You've felt the attraction to this book, because you're ready for MORE LOVE - Trust yourself!

LOVE is ready for you - it's waiting to answer your prayers and give you what you desire...

So it's time to take the leap and start putting the LOVE back into your LOVE-LIFE! 

Transform how you feel about YOU, feel deeper trust in LOVE, life, the UNIVERSE. 

Then see your new deep-love connection reflected in a intimate loving relationship that you already know and dream of in your heart.

This BRAND NEW 2020 newly improved edition of The Big Book Of Love, is not available to buy anywhere else, so its best to take advantage now of this opportunity to transform your LOVE-LIFE forever!

* Priced in US Dollars as a universal price. Currency conversion may vary slightly with exchange rates

Much Love
Jo xx
 Let LOVE Be Your Guide!
*This special 2020 2nd edition is electronic & only available to buy here...
For Only $29.99 [*£24]
* Priced in US Dollars as a universal price. Currency conversions may vary slightly with exchange rates
PS - If you're sick and tired of what the old relationship advice then "The Big Book Of Love" really is the solution you've been looking for...
Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. 
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